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Self Inflating Airbeds

Self Inflating Airbeds are an ideal choice for anyone looking for more comfort from a standard roll mat but not wanting to carry and airbed and pump. As the title suggests self inflating airbeds do just that, compressed foam is rolled and the air is expelled from a valve, this then seals the air out making a small pack size. When the self inflating mat is called for, just undo the valve and the foam then fills with air to increase inside, this works in the same way as your hand squashing a sponge the releasing. You can also blow into the valve to added more air for extra firmness and comfort to suit.

  • Coleman Touring Mat
    £19.99 Coleman Touring Mat
    Coleman Touring Mat The Touring Mat is the thinnest model from the Coleman self-inflating mat range. This model is 2.5cm thick and it has a perforated inner foam, giving it a comfortable end result. An ideal accessory for...

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