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Coleman Extreme Coolboxes

Coleman Extreme Coolboxes with extra insulation and a lot of innovation. The Xtreme series of coolboxes work hard to keep ice cold up to 5 days at 90° F.These insulated wonders are Coleman’s best performing coolers, they’ve got plenty of staying power and keep ice frozen for up to 5 days at 90°F. These are our best selling line of coolboxes, as they do exactly what they say do. This range of Coleman Coolbox is perfect for any outdoor activity.

  • Coleman Xtreme Cooler 36QT Coolbox
    £59.99 Coleman Xtreme Cooler 36QT Coolbox
    Coleman 36QT Xtreme Cooler A superior ice cooler, the Coleman 36QT Xtreme Cooler holds ice for up to 5 days, giving you peace of mind about your food and drink whilst away from home in the warmer months. Coleman...

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