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Coleman Unleaded Fuel Stoves

Coleman Liquid and Multifuel Lanterns

Coleman have created a range of rugged and durable high powered lanterns which operate off unleaded petrol or Coleman liquid fuel. They’re designed for convenience, ease of use and, above all, safety.


  • High power lanterns that offer long burn time
  • Extremely rugged components for a longer lifetime
  • Offers exceptional economy, can burn for up to 14 hours on one tank of unleaded petrol.
  • Very safe, will not flare after 2 minutes of correct operation.
  • Ideal for adverse weather conditions or lower temperatures.
  • Coleman Pump Cup and Back Up Plate
    £7.00 Coleman Dual Fuel Pump Cup and Back Up Plate Spare Part
    Coleman Pump Cup and Back Up Plate Fits the pump assembly on all Coleman stoves and lantern fuel tanks.  Instructions for fitting:  1. Remove spring clip (A) 2. Remove pump cup (B) and metal plate...

  • Coleman Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove
    £169.99 Coleman Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove
    Coleman Unleaded 2 Burner Stove Rugged and tough the Coleman Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove operates off unleaded petrol or Coleman Fuel. The use of Coleman’s unique dual fuel technology means that the Unleaded stove is...

  • Coleman Sportster stove 533 Petrol. Camping or Fishing stove. (533-700)
    £114.95 Coleman Dual Fuel Sportster Stove 533
    Coleman Sportster Stove Efficient and robust, Coleman's Sportster 2 Stove is ideal for camping anywhere in any conditions. It's a dual fuel stove that can run off Coleman Fuel or unleaded petrol, meaning it will work well...

  • Coleman Fuel, Coleman Fuel for use with Coleman unleaded appliances, Sportster stove, Northstar lantern and many more
    £9.99 Coleman Liquid Fuel
    Coleman Liquid Fuel 1 Litre of liquid fuel for all Coleman Liquid Fuel appliances. Coleman fuel has been specially formulated to burn exceptionally well and is the best option for your Coleman liquid fuel appliances...

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