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Coleman Stove or lantern won't pump up

Why does the pump on my Coleman lantern / stove not work?

There are two possible and easy to fixes to issues that make the pump on liquid fuel appliances not function correctly.  To determine which fix applies to your appliance, first determine whether the pump plunger cannot be pushed down  or the pump plunger pushes down easily and but no pressure builds up in the tank.  Follow the instructions for the applicable issue.

Pump plunger cannot be pushed down.
You need to release the pressure from the pump barrel.  First, try turning the plunger by hand one full turn to the left - if it won't turn, wrap the end of the plunger in a rag and force it counter-clockwise with a pair of pliers.  

The plunger rides up and down on a square air stem that screws into a check valve at the base of the pump barrel.   When the pump plunger is turned to the right until it stops, the air stem is screwed  into the check valve and shuts off the air flow into and out of the tank.   Turning the plunger one full turn to the left unscrews the air stem and allows the air being pushed by the pump cup to flow into the tank.  When If the stem is closed, the air builds up in the pump barrel and makes  the plunger nearly impossible to push down.

Pump plunger moves freely but no pressure builds up.
The pump cup (seal) may be dried out, torn or completely off the plunger.    Pump cups come in either leather or neoprene.  They wear out in ordinary use.

If the cup is made of leather and the appliance has been unused for a while the leather may have dried out and shrunk to a point where it doesn't seal against the sides of the pump barrel.  Without that seal, the pump cannot push air into the tank.

Leather pump cups can be reconditioned  by removing the pump plunger from the tank, spreading out the cup with your thumb and soaking the cup in a good leather oil such,ball-glove oil, or mink oil for about 20 minutes.  The soaking expands the pump cup allowing it to seal against the pump body.

If the cup is made of  neoprene, the seal may also shrink. Oiling the pump cup with a light machine oil or lightweight motor oil will allow the pump cup to seal against the pump body.  

If your pump cup does not respond to reconditioning or is torn.

You will need to replace the pump and Cup, These can be purchsed in store Coleman Unleaded Pump Repair kit

This information comes direct from Coleman and is to be used as advice for the use only on Coleman stoves, Johns Cross Motorcaravan and Camping Centre accept no liability for the information given, We would always recommend that a Competent person only works on any Dual fuel product.

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