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How to properly pump up your Coleman stove in order to light it.

Why can't I pump pressure into the tank of my Coleman stove?

The pump plunger must be turned one full turn counter-clockwise before pumping up the stove. There is an air stem inside the pump plunger that seals the pump closed during use and guides the plunger straight up and down inside the pump barrel. The air stem must be partially unscrewed from the check valve at the base of the pump barrel before any air will pass into the tank.

You must also be sure that the pump cup on the end of the pump plunger is lubricated so that it seals against the sides of the barrel and pushes air into the tank.

At the beginning of every season it is a good idea to remove the pump plunger from the tank and oil the pump cup. If the cup is leather, take your thumb and spread it out, then soak it in a good leather oil for a few minutes. It the cup is neoprene, oil it with a light machine oil such as 3 in 1 or a light motor oil.

When you re-insert the cup into the pump barrel, make sure the outside edge of the cup is not creased or deformed.

This information comes direct from Coleman and is to be used as advice for the use only on Coleman stoves, Johns Cross Motorcaravan and Camping Centre accept no liability for the information given, We would always recommend that a Competent person only works on any Dual fuel product.

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