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Why is there a small flame at the end of the generator while the stove is running?

Causes of a small flame at the end of the Coleman stove generator, while the stove is running.

Why is there a small flame at the end of the generator while my Coleman stove is running?

The brass gas tip on the end of a Coleman Dual Fuel stove's generator is screwed onto the generator shaft. During the heating and cooling of the stove, the expansion and contraction of the generator can loosen the brass gas tip and allow a small leak of fuel through the threads between the gas tip and the steel generator shaft.

When this happens, you will get a 1" to 1 ½" flame at the gas tip/ manifold connection behind the burner. Though not hazardous, the flame can leave soot on pans used on the stove.

If you notice a small flame where the generator enters the manifold on your liquid fuel stove, remove the tank, valve & generator assembly from the stove,  loosen the brass gas tip about half a turn and tighten it back down. This will re-seal the threads and prevent the leak.

This information comes direct from Coleman and is to be used as advice for the use only on Coleman stoves, Johns Cross Motorcaravan and Camping Centre accept no liability for the information given, We would always recommend that a Competent person only works on any Dual fuel product.

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