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Moisture Protection & Dehumidifiers

Don’t forget to make sure you use dehumidifier’s in your caravan or motorhome over the winter, help reduce any problems of damp in your vehicle by using one of our dehumidifier’s. Simple and easy to use, a dehumidifier draws moisture out of the air and collects it via the use of moisture crystals in a trap, as and when the trap is full you dispose of the un-wanted water and replace the crystals once all gone, helping to keep your vehicle dry through the winter month’s or when you’re not in your van.

  • Streetwize Mini Powered Dehumidifier
    £49.99 Leisurewise Mini Powered Dehumidifier
    Streetwize Mini Powered Dehumidifier  A Sleekly designed mini dehumidifier which is ideal for efficiently removing excess moisture around the home, in caravans or in motorhomes. Lightweight &...

  • Kontrol Drip Strip 3 Metres
    £3.20 Condensation Drip Strip 3 Metre
    Kontrol Drip Strip 3 Metres The moisture absorbing Drip Strip stops condensation puddles and stains from appearing in your motorhome, caravan, boat or the home. Drip Strip is made of super absorbent natural cellulose...

  • Mini Moisture Trap
    £1.99 Mini Moisture Trap
    Mini Moisture Trap This moisture trap may be small but it's mighty! It absorbs moisture in your motorhome, caravan, car or even at home and helps to protect against damp.  Combats musty odour  Improves air...

  • Kampa Damp Buster Economy Refill Pack 2.5kg. Moisture Crystals for Caravans and Motorhomes
    £7.30 Kampa Damp Buster Refill Pack 2.5kg
    Damp Buster Refill pack 2.5Kg, Dehumidifying crystals for use with the Kampa Damp Buster and any other make of re-fillable moisture traps. Dehumidifying crystals help keep moisture and condensation under control, helps...

  • Kampa Damp Buster Moisture Drain. Keeping Damp and condensation to a minimum.
    £5.99 Kampa Damp Buster- Dehumidifier
    Kampa Damp Buster The Kampa Damp Buster is a wonderful solution for getting rid of the unwanted moisture and condensation from you caravan or motorhome. Refill packs are available and can be used all year round. Kampa Damp...

  • Kampa Damp Buster Refill pack 1kg, Dehumidifier crystals
    £1.89 Kampa Damp Buster Dehumidifying Crystals 1KG
    Kampa Damp Buster Dehumidifying Crystals Moisture crystals suitable for use with Moisture Buster or Damp Buster Moisture Drain.  Place crystals in the basket of the Moisture/Damp Buster and moisture, from the...

  • Rechargeable Dehumidifiers Twin Pack for Caravans and Motorhomes
    £19.99 Rechargeable Dehumidifier - Twin Pack
    Rechargeable Dehumidifier Twin Pack, Especially designed for caravans, motorhomes, campervans and boats. This twin pack should cover most peoples needs for caravan and motorhome use, Kit comes complete with 2...

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