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Camping Equipment & Sleeping bag Uk: Johns Cross

Caravan equipment: Sleeping bags available here

There are many joys of camping. It is a great escape from the mundane activities of daily life. Nothing beats the excitement of crawling out of your make-shift tent, brewing coffee in the open and drinking in the beautiful view around you. Somehow your senses and appetite heighten when you are out camping. It is a well known fact that going camping or caravanning is one of the great British holiday pastimes, and the British are spoiled with the choices they have, idyllic islands, classy coastal and mysterious moors to choose from.

This brings us to the next most important aspect of camping after the camp site; the caravan or camping equipment. It is vital to have the right caravan and the right tow car to go with it. Once you have picked out the right caravan it is also important to stock it up with the right kind of equipment. When you are out camping in the middle of nowhere it goes without saying that everything from medication to maple syrup for breakfast must be packed into your caravan.

One problem that veteran campers and beginners face is in finding the right sleeping bag. Those who travel with caravans might say, why not sleep in a bed on board. But that is not the spirit of camping! A traditional camper would set up a tent with a sleeping bag inside or even better outside, under the stars! Some extra sleeping bags always come in useful. You never know when your friends might decide to join you. A warm and snuggly sleeping bag is important at the end of the day so that you can sleep off that healthy tiredness that comes from all the fresh air and outdoor activity.

An ideal camping sleeping bag should be lightweight. (You don’t need to carry extra weight around with you, do you?) Your sleeping bag should also be compact enough, so that it can be rolled up and stashed away when you don’t need it.

You will find a wide array of sleeping bags to choose from here. There are comfortable sleeping bags designed specifically for men and women, roll mats, stuff sacks or bag liners to store your sleeping bags, twin sleeping bags, securing straps and other accessories like compressible pillows. We also offer camp beds if sleeping on the ground makes you uncomfortable. All your caravan equipment can be purchased from John Cross!! Visit us at https://www.johnscross.co.uk/

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