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Fully Equipped Holiday Motorhome Hire, Camping Activities UK

Motorhomes: The voyager

The days of the bold and daring cowboys may be over but the spirit is still alive! Motorhomes give you a chance to rekindle your adventurous side and hit the road with all the comforts of life. Designed with a lot of care and precision these homes on wheels will take care of all your requirements and be your best partner on the road.

Motorhomes have grown as a concept over the last few years. Simply speaking, it is a house on wheels and perfect for long drives and overnight journeys. A motorhome is fully equipped to offer you all the comforts of a home and ensures that you are very comfortable. Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular for various outdoor activities like camping as it adds a new angle to it.

A motorhome will give you the feel of a five star hotel suite with its elegant and stylish upholstery. The motorhome offers a very comfortable stay for two people or a small family with a fixed middle bed which can be changed to seats for a sitting area during the day. The luxury bathroom ensures hygienic interiors and helps you stay completely fresh all the time and the multi-functional CD/DVD player ensures that you are completely entertained throughout the journey. The motorhome is also fully insulated to protect you from cold winters with a gas fired central heating system.

The unique proposition of a motorhome is its fully equipped kitchen which allows you to have a hearty meal on the go. The kitchen is equipped with an oven and a grill which will provide you a chance to try out the local cuisine of the places you hit during your journey. Cooking against the backdrop of a beautiful evening sky with its natural hues can be a truly rewarding experience.

Motorhomes present endless opportunities as far as exploration is concerned. It allows you to set your own rules and live a life full of surprises and freedom. Be it a camping trip or a drive in the country with your kids, a motorhome will prove to be perfect for every occasion. It is also very economical and will prove to be a superb return on investment. So, just get behind the wheel and discover the gifts nature has in store for you!

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