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Johns Cross Motorhome Service Centre  

Our fully fitted workshops are designed specifically for motorhomes and all of our staff are fully trained to handle coachwork repairs as well as routine servicing maintenance for motorhomes.

We are NCC registered and approved.

Contact us on 01580 881288 or email becca@johnscross.co.uk.

We undertake: 

  • Routine servicing, maintenance and all types of repair work and modifications.
  • We carry out insurance repairs and offer a free estimate service.
  • We can supply and fit most accessories, from tow bars to air conditioning units, awnings, bike racks, satellite systems, and Dunlop Air Ride.
  • Mechanical servicing and MOTs for all makes of motorcaravans by fully qualified staff.

But don't think this is all we can do! At Johns Cross we can supply and fit many different accessories at very competitive rates.

Service Charges

  • Motorhome Habitation check: £198.00 (including VAT plus any parts required)
  • Full Mechanical service: £198.00 (including VAT plus any parts required)
  • Interim Mechanical service: £144.00 (including VAT plus any parts required)
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR): £288.00 (including VAT) 

Please note that for a habitation check, the motorhome is required to be empty of all belongings for the technicians to access all areas required. This includes overhead lockers, under seating and under beds. Please also remove all bedding and pillows. Thank you for your co-operation. 

Labour Charges

Motorhome hourly rate: £72.00 (plus VAT)

Mechanical hourly rate: £72.00 (plus VAT)




Truma Air Conditioning Units

Truma’s air conditioning units will cool your motorhome to a pleasant temperature very swiftly. The air is also cleaned and dehumidified to ensure a pleasant indoor climate even with minor differences between the inside and outside temperature. For even greater versatility, the Aventa Comfort model can also be used as a heater. 

To save space, a Truma Aventa air conditioning system is installed on the roof of the caravan, motorhome or van, and can be retrofitted into the space a rooflight would have used. The air distributor inside the vehicle is especially flat – so as not to cause any obstruction.

Truma Aventa Air Conditioning Unit 

Fiamma Accessories

Johns Cross are Fiamma’s preferred UK dealer, and we can supply and fit any Fiamma product. Fiamma are pioneers within the leisure industry and produce a wide variety of recreational vehicle items such as: 

  • Awnings (side-wall or roof-mounted for motorhomes, van conversions and campervans)
  • Bike racks (for motorhomes, campervans, van conversions and caravans)
  • Security products (typically for coachbuilt motorhomes or caravans)
  • Storage boxes (can be fitted to the roof of a motorhome or on a bike rack)
  • Roof racks and rails (typically for coachbuilt motorhomes or van conversions)
  • Roof vents (Fiamma make roof vents in three sizes – 28cm x 28cm, 40cm x 40cm and 50cm x 50cm. They can be standard vents or have a 12v fan inbuilt)
  • Water pumps 

The list could go on! Fiamma make much more than this, some of it just doesn’t require fitting… 

For more information on Fiamma’s products you can see our website listings here, or feel free to contact us for assistance and quotations for fitting. 



Solar Panels 

We supply and fit panels from Solar Technology. They have designed a range of solar panels using the latest in cutting edge technology, allowing you to capture the sun’s energy and convert this solar power into electrical current to power a range of appliances.

Their panels use crystalline silicon technology which is more efficient than amorphous or thin film solutions, particularly in lower light conditions found in the UK. All of their solar panels are accredited with the internationally recognised IEC 61215 certification. 

Solar Techology’s range of panels extends from 5 through to 150 watts in power. Choosing the correct size of panel will depend on variables such as the power required by the appliances you require to power, length of use and hourly sunshine rates. Typically, most motorhomes use either an 100W panel or a 120W – but obviously this is personal preference!

The panels have a 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty. 

For more information on the panels we fit please click here to be taken to Solar Technology’s website.



Gaslow Refillable Cylinders 

Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying heavy gas bottles? With Gaslow, you don’t have to! By installing a Gaslow Refillable Cylinder System, you can simply pull in to one of thousands of LPG stations throughout the UK and Europe and fill up just like you would your car.  Not only is the gas much cheaper, you will never waste any gas and you can simply top up your cylinders at any time - you only pay for the gas you use!  

Gaslow recently introduced the R67 cylinder. It has been designed and tested to meet the R67 tank standard. The R67 standard is more stringent than that for refillable cylinders and as such the new bottle is the ideal gas solution for your motorhome or caravan.  


 Motorhome Wi-Fi

Using tried and tested technology, Motorhome Wi-Fi's solutions ensure you remain connected without compromise, in the most remote of locations. Motorhome Wi-Fi recommend the 4G Smart Compact (pictured) to most customers as it represents the best balance of versatility, value and performance. 

The router even has a 1500ma battery, meaning you can remove it and take your data allowance with you on the move! 


Electrical Installation Condition Report

Every new NCC Approved motorhome or caravan will be supplied with an Electrical Installation Certificate. This indicates that your 230V and 12V systems have been tested and are safe to use at time of manufacture.

However, all electrical installations suffer from deterioration over time and the Institute of Engineering and Technology recommend the condition of electrical installation should be checked at least every three years. When this check is carried out, an EICR is issued, detailing the findings. 

Whilst an EICR is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended. Not having a check can potentially result in a reduction of the safety of the van, and an increased fire risk. 

The EICR procedure includes the removal of switches, sockets and covers so that all connections of the wiring can be checked. Additionally, wiring insulation is checked and the electrical appliances are all subject to rigorous tests to ensure they are fit for use.

A full EICR does not form part of the standard habitation service. 



Please contact Becca on 01580 881288 or email the below contact for further information on any of the accessories featured, or for service and repair requirements.